yoga for kids

Yoga for Children

Kids love doing yoga. Kids love any kind of exercise, to be physically active, to explore what their body can do and where its limits are. Yoga gives them the possibility to find out more about their body and also to relax the mind, to calm down and to focus on one thing: practicing yoga.

children Yoga so that Kids move their Body

Yoga for children has to be interesting for our small ones. They do not understand or remember Sanskrit terms easily but if you tell them that this was the lion pose and ask them to roar like a lion when in the pose, they will certainly remember it! They will pretend to be lions, fish, heroes, swans and pigeons and in those yoga postures will bend and stretch their muscles, stimulate their nerves and simply do healthy exercise.

Do the yoga poses selected below with your children and you will find yourself surprised at how good they can actually imitate the yoga postures. The yoga poses are selected especially with the thought of what children like to do. Tell them a story in which you include these yoga exercises, let them make a whole zoo and show each other how flexible they are.

yoga for kids with hyperactivity and ADHD

Yoga is of course known for its calming and soothing effect on the mind as well as on nerves and emotions. Unfortunately more and more kids nowadays are in need of a treatment for hyperactivity and ADHD. If your child cannot concentrate, cannot sit still and never gets real peace, yoga can help! In meditations, pranayamas and also physical yoga poses, children learn how they themselves can calm their minds and relax their bodies. We also have a category with exercises especially for hyperactivity.

Baby Yoga

You can also do yoga with your newborn baby. Just place your little one next to you during your exercise and just let it watch. You will see, your baby will start doing yoga fully on its own along with you. It will wiggle toes, fingers, legs and arms when you go into the posture and you will enjoy the exercise together.

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Bakasana - Crow or Crane

Strengthen your arms, necks, shoulders and your whole upper body while gaining more and more balance. A fun pose with many benefits.

Balasana - Child-s Pose

Relax completely in between poses of your yoga practice or simply during your normal day. Good for blood pressure, hyperactivity, bipolar and muc...

Bhujangasana - Cobra Pose

Great pose against constipation, menstruation pain, stress, fatigue and much more! Help your digestion, get fitter and in great shape!

Chakrasana - Wheel

This upside-down pose helps your back as well as your digestion and strengthens your arms. A pose that children always love!


A pose and its advanced variation for flexibility, supporting your lungs and strengthening your leg. Kids love this pose, too!

Dirgha Pranayama - Full Yog...

No stress, no migraines, no hyperactivity and no high blood pressure - just calmness and peace. Try deep breathing!

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