yoga for legs

Yoga for Legs

There is a reason why there are so many yoga poses for your legs. healthy and strong legs show a strong stand in life, stability and security. health and problems with the legs are related to the Mooladhar Chakra, the First or Root Chakra

Whether you wish to strengthen your thighs and calves through yoga practice or bring them into shape, whether you want to be more flexible or look for balance, there are yoga poses for your legs that fulfill every purpose.

Yoga Exercises for Strengthening your Legs

While yoga was for a long time thought of as a kind of gymnastics in the west, something for people who want to do ‘a little sport’ and nothing that you could actually build muscles with, it is now widely accepted that yoga is one of the most effective ways to increase strength in your legs and other body parts. Even professionals and fitness centers offer yoga classes to strengthen the legs.

The yoga poses listed below give you a variety of focus points and you can make your own sequence of outer and inner thigh exercises as well as postures beneficial for the muscles of your calves.

Yoga Exercises to Lose Thigh Fat and weight

In the same way that you can use yoga postures for gaining strength, you can use them for losing weight and reducing extra thigh fat. Shape up your legs and trim your thighs – you will see that yoga is the best and fastest way to lose thigh fat.

There are inner thigh exercises and exercises for your outer thighs. While trimming your legs you cannot avoid giving benefit to your buttocks, too, and with regular exercise you will fast see results in your whole body.

You can also do yoga exercises for the legs in addition to other sports that you do to bring your body in shape. They are great for stretching before or after running and can be used for warming up, too.
An additional plus which is interesting for every woman who is figure-conscious, are the leg exercises that reduce cellulite and tighten your skin in the area.

Yoga Postures for flexibility of Legs

If you have difficulties bending forward because you seem to be missing flexibility, do those leg exercises below which are recommended for flexibility and you will see that simply by working on the flexibility of your hamstrings, by bending and stretching again and again, you will reach your goals of flexibility very soon!

Yoga Poses to help after Leg Injuries and Knee Problems

Of course yoga is often recommended to do after injuries and operations. You can consult your physiotherapist to find out which of the exercises are beneficial for you. General advice for knee problems, recovery after ligament operations and other leg injuries is given in the yoga posture description. You can build muscles in the legs to support your knees and quickly get back into balance and strength.

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Paschimottanasana - Forward...

Flexibility from feet until neck and additionally a great exercise to reduce belly fat!

Prasarita Padottanasana

A forward-bending exercise that strengthens your complete legs, your back and even your intestines. Also great for women in their early pregnancy...


Hug yourself from your back in this yoga posture and open your chest and lungs.

Purna Matsyendra Asana - Fu...

A full twist for your muscles, nerves and all body parts!


An Asana for flexibility that stimulates your third chakra, enhances sexual energy and digestion and just looks great when you have mastered it!

Surya Namaskar - Sun Saluta...

The popular sequence of yoga poses that stretches, flexes and strengthens the whole body from top to toe.

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