yoga for manipoor chakra

Yoga for third Chakra

Different yoga postures have a direct effect on our chakras and on the chakras’ energy. They stimulate the chakras and activate their force, be it in a way that calms us down or makes us active. The yoga postures described below help activating your third chakra.

The third chakra is called Manipoor Chakra and is on the solar plexus, on your navel. It is the action chakra in the body and stimulating and activating the solar plexus chakra can bring you great benefits. The yoga postures below will help you to bring the energy of the third chakra into your body.

With the Manipoor Chakra active, you feel self-confident and energetic. You act and do, you are never passive and let others do. You progress and have new ideas how to go on. It makes you fit and strong. People with strong third chakras are ‘doers’. They are known for willpower and taking action. Physically these exercises are good for your whole internal system, your intestines and bowels.

Yoga for the Manipoor Chakra helps you to find your place in a group when being together with many others. Have fun exploring the yoga poses below!

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Agnisara Kriya

Successfully burn your belly fat, tone your abdomen and additionally give a nice massage to your intestines that stimulates your digestion.

Apana Asana

A pose that truly stimulates the Manipoor Chakra and creates a fire that lets you be energetic and helps you lose weight!


Twist your spine around for less back pain even after long sitting! A great yoga pose beneficial for all your joints.

Chakrasana - Wheel

This upside-down pose helps your back as well as your digestion and strengthens your arms. A pose that children always love!

Dwi Pada Sirsasana

Stimulate your third chakra, activate your blood flow, stimulate your digestive system and look enormously flexible!

Eka Pada Chakrasana

An advanced pose that has all benefits of Chakrasana and additionally brings shape into your thighs and belly muscles!

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