yoga for migraine

Yoga for Migraine

Migraines are experienced like a type of headache, strong and painful with sensitivity to light and sound. People suffering from strong migraines also sometimes feel nausea and the urge to vomit. This pain and these symptoms can continue even for several days. A high percentage of migraine patients are women and for many migraine occurs during the time of menstruation but in general also when a person is in stress and pressure.

How yoga prevents and cures Migraine

Migraine is usually treated with pills and painkillers which offer immediate help but of course only for a short time. Additionally if this medication is taken too often it simply loses its effect. Yoga however can help you permanently to alleviate migraine pain and even to prevent it.

The key to this is that yoga helps you to reduce and avoid the factors that usually initiate the migraine attacks. It is a fact that migraine appears more frequently when a person experiences stress or is in tension. Accepting yoga in your life brings you peace and helps you to relax. It teaches you to feel your body and to be aware of warning signs of your body. You will feel more exactly when you should cool down and rest which could prevent a migraine from starting. Your overall tension, pressure and stress is reduced. If you know that stress is the reason for your migraines, you can have a look at the yoga poses for stress management. Through regular yoga practice you can thus on the long run even cure your migraine attacks.

If you feel like practicing yoga during your migraine attack, please take care not to overdo it as it can worsen the situation. You should avoid postures that make your blood rush into your head.

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