yoga for mooladhar chakra

Yoga for Mooladhar Chakra

Different yoga postures have a stimulating effect on the different chakras. You can change the energy in your body simply by performing the right yoga postures for the chakras and stimulate the respective energies that correspond with that chakra.

The First Chakra, the Mooladhar Chakra, is the root chakra and is located in between anus and genitals. It is responsible for feeling grounded and down-to-earth. People who have difficulties to find their place in the world, who do not know where their roots are and don’t have a connection to their background and identity should work on their first chakra.

Below you will find yoga poses described that help you energize your first chakra. Practicing these yoga postures and doing meditation on the first chakra will help you in finding your place in the world and knowing where you belong. It can reduce identity issues and schizophrenia as well as it gives you a strong feeling of emotional security.

With regular yoga practice you become aware of how the postures influence the energy in your body and how physical as well as mental changes take place.

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Make your hips and groins more flexible with this yoga posture. Strengthen your legs and calves and at the same time relax from stress and tensio...


Practice this yoga exercise to tone your legs and make your hips more flexible. Digestion improves, the first chakra is activated and you feel mo...


A yoga posture to stimulate the root chakra with a variation for beginners.

Eka Pada Santulan - One Leg...

Easy but very effective exercise for shaping your thighs and buttocks, practicing balance and strengthening your lower back.

Eka Padangusthasana

Balancing on one foot can be so difficult! Strengthen your blood flow, stimulate your nervous system and get rid of stress all at the same time!

Gulf Vritt Sanchalan - Ankl...

An easy yoga exercise to bring your legs into shape and to keep your lower back muscles from hurting. Can be done anywhere and anytime!

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