yoga for relaxation

Yoga for Relaxation

This is what yoga is most famous for: relaxing yoga poses that help you with stress management and getting rid of tension and pressure. It is thought for those who suffer from burnout, from hypertension, who run to work early each day and come home late at night, who have deadlines and too much on their mind.

Of course Yoga for relaxation is good for the businessmen and businesswomen among us but also for everybody else who simply wants to relax. Yoga is simply perfect for relaxing as it offers you simple moves that relax your muscles and any part of your body that is in tension. Not only the body, also your mind relaxes through the yoga postures listed below.

You can perform relaxing yoga poses before you go to bed and you can put together a complete relaxing yoga routine. You can enhance this experience further by playing relaxing music.

All in all yoga offers you whatever you need to relax. Feel well, love your body as it is and relax.

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Ananda Balasana - Happy Bab...

Feel just like a baby in this pose and enjoy lying, rolling and feeling the body. It is beneficial against depression, stress and tension and als...

Balasana - Child-s Pose

Relax completely in between poses of your yoga practice or simply during your normal day. Good for blood pressure, hyperactivity, bipolar and muc...

Dirgha Pranayama - Full Yog...

No stress, no migraines, no hyperactivity and no high blood pressure - just calmness and peace. Try deep breathing!

Gati Avarodha Pranayama

Relax yourself and get rid of stress with this breathing technique! Your mental situation improves and your emotions don’t go crazy anymore!

Kati Pranayama - Pelvic Bre...

A Yoga Pose especially beneficial for your back, if you have pain but also during pregnancy. Relaxing and freeing you of any stress.


Standing Straight in the right way is not always that easy! Read what you need to care of and why you should practice it from time to time.

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