yoga for sahastrasar chakra

Yoga for Seventh Chakra

Just in the way that yoga has an effect on your body, your joints and muscles, it has an effect on your emotions, your mind and your mental well-being. If you work with yoga postures for the chakras, the seven energy centers in your body, you get benefits for the energy in your body and can concentrate specifically on one chakra’s qualities.

The seventh chakra, the Sahastrasar Chakra, is located on the top of your head. By performing yoga exercises and by doing breathing and meditation upon this chakra, you can activate the blissful joy that comes with the energy of the seventh chakra. There is happiness and enthusiasm for what the world has to offer.

‘Enjoy your life’ is the message of this chakra and if you want to live it but still don’t really know how, doing the yoga practice described below will be the first step. With that, your attitude and your feeling, your whole view on life will become positive and happy.

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