yoga for seniors

Yoga for Seniors

Especially when you reach an advanced age, you need to take care that your body stays flexible and strong. Regular exercise is necessary in order to prevent muscle atrophy, loss of flexibility and weight gain.

Getting Old and Staying Fit

An advanced age is not anymore an excuse for anybody not to do exercise or sports. On the contrary, especially for the elderly exercise and physical activities are particularly important. yoga for seniors includes stretching and strength exercises for the elderly. Below you will find a selection of easy strength exercises that you can do to keep your arms, legs, your back and your neck strong. Stretching exercises keep your muscles flexible and simply the movement that you give to your body prevents joints and muscles from becoming stiff. You stimulate your nerves and keep the information channels in your body active.

Yoga Postures with Small Ailments

Start slowly if you are not used to do physical workout. If you have difficulties sitting on the floor, you can perform variations while sitting on a chair. Ask your doctor or physiotherapist for advice if you are not sure if you can do these exercises or not. Whatever problems there are, be it back pain, swollen legs, rheumatism or simply exhaustion of the body, there are exercises that can help every part of your body.

Take care that you move your body slowly and consciously to avoid any overstretch. And don’t let anybody tell you, you would be too old to do yoga! You can begin with yoga at any age!

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