yoga for strength

Yoga for Strength

Again and again yoga is classified as a sport for flexibility. This is not any wonder as there are often people with extreme flexibility who give yoga as a reason for their abilities. There are however rarely people who declare that they gained their strength and muscle mass through yoga – although the number of people including yoga into their exercise program is increasing steadily.

The reason for this interest is the discovery of yoga as workout in the west. You do not need any machines, no weights, just your own body. You yourself are enough to strengthen any of your body muscles.

The exercises below give you the possibility to work on your biceps, triceps and quadriceps, to train your arm muscles, your thighs and calves and also strengthen your neck and shoulder. Strong arms to lift weight, strong legs to carry yourself or to jump high. Of course you will also find abdominal muscle exercises.

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Moola Bandha Asana

Stimulate your first chakra, get strength and flexibility and automatically do the Moola Bandha Mudra. A posture with many benefits.

Mushti Sanchalan - Fist Rot...

Strength for arms, neck, shoulders and upper back. Good after slip disc in upper back area and releasing stress and tension!


If you really want to build your belly muscles and maybe even create a nice six pack, this yoga exercise is exactly right! Lower, middle and uppe...

Padangusthasana - Big Toe P...

Bending forward while standing, a great exercise for back, hamstrings and your blood flow! Fresh energy for the day!

Prasarita Padottanasana

A forward-bending exercise that strengthens your complete legs, your back and even your intestines. Also great for women in their early pregnancy...

Shirshasana - Head Stand

An inverted pose with many benefits! Better blood circulation brings health to heart, lungs, brain, ears, eyes and more!

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