yoga for stress management

Yoga for Stress Management

Whenever you talk of yogis, you imagine a person who is relaxed, unbothered by stress and simply in peace with himself and the world – the opposite of most of today’s businessmen, business owners, employees and also housewives. There is something that you can do for stress reduction and stress relief.

Causes of Stress

There are many different factors that cause stress and they are different for every individual. work is definitely one of the main reasons for stress nowadays. Other causes of stress are financial difficulties, relationship problems and problems in between family members or friends.

There are many people who suffer from stress and anxiety simply because of their negative thinking. Everything seems to be impossible and there is never a solution. Wanting to be perfect and having high expectations also makes people feel stress and of course you are stressed when there are just too many things that you have to do and the days does not have enough hours.

Stress Symptoms and Effects of Stress

Just as the causes for stress are very wide and individual, the symptoms and effects of stress range from emotional difficulties to actual physical pain. Your body, mind and soul belong together and react together on stress.

You get short-tempered and moody, you feel depressed at times and are generally not happy. You have the urge to do something because you have to solve problems and do your tasks, even if they seem too many or too difficult. This can affect your concentration and you forget things which you would have remembered had you not been so stressed.

You are worried about your results and maybe even have troubles sleeping. Some people’s bodies react with diarrhea or constipation while others feel dizzy and even faint. Stress also reflects in the urge to move and people in stress have difficulties sitting still. They move their legs, they drum with the fingers on the table or bite their nails.

Unfortunately nervous breakdowns, insomnia and burnout syndrome caused by stress are not as rare as we wish they were. More and more people react stressed on the demands of this fast changing world. You need to learn how to deal with stress and hopefully yoga can help you to find your own stress management techniques.

Coping with Stress – Yoga for Stress Relief

Against stress, relaxation is obviously the best thing but that is often much easier said than done. If you are looking for ways of dealing with stress, you will soon discover that yoga is one of the most frequently recommended practices for stress management and stress reduction.

Yoga provides you with easy ways to calm down your mind and to relieve the physical reactions of your body. Breathing deeply is a natural stress relief technique that your body automatically uses if you permit it. Yoga uses deep breathing intentionally to reduce the rate of your heart beat. It is an immediate measure to prevent further stress symptoms to occur. So take a few deep breaths whenever you feel that everything is getting too much.

Yoga, as it does not only consist of physical yoga poses but is made for body, mind and soul, helps you find your peace inside yourself. Regular meditation practice can also help you with handling stress in a better way.

Stress treatment always has to be for both, body and mind. This is how yoga of course also offers physical yoga poses for stress reduction. It offers you a way to release tension from your muscles. With the tension of the mind, they also contracted and by giving them freedom to stretch, you also give your mind the freedom to expand again beyond the barriers that stress set to it.

If you have the feeling you cannot sit still, the yoga postures that you find below are perfect stress management techniques for you as they give your body the possibility to release and express all its stress in movement. You regain awareness over your body and find your center and balance.

Stress Management in the Workplace

As mentioned before, workplace stress is probably the most common type of stress. You may ask now how you can do yoga at your workplace? Of course it may seem strange to your colleagues if you get up and lie down on the floor for a bit of stretching. There are other, more subtle but very effective ways to relieve stress while at work. Breathing and Pranayama for example can be done at anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t take long and it gives an immediate effect. For yoga exercises that you can do while sitting at a desk, have a look at the Yoga at the Workplace.

Yoga is a unique way of stress management and there is hardly anything more effective.

Have a look at the yoga postures below and develop your own personal stress management training.

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Bhujangasana - Cobra Pose

Great pose against constipation, menstruation pain, stress, fatigue and much more! Help your digestion, get fitter and in great shape!

Dirgha Pranayama - Full Yog...

No stress, no migraines, no hyperactivity and no high blood pressure - just calmness and peace. Try deep breathing!

Eka Pada Paschimottanasana

Lose belly fat, increase digestion, stimulate the third chakra and much more. A Yoga pose with a big positive impact on the body!

Eka Padangusthasana

Balancing on one foot can be so difficult! Strengthen your blood flow, stimulate your nervous system and get rid of stress all at the same time!

Gati Avarodha Pranayama

Relax yourself and get rid of stress with this breathing technique! Your mental situation improves and your emotions don’t go crazy anymore!

Gulf Chalan - Ankle Movemen...

A simple move of your ankles that is very effective! Reduces thigh fat, strengthens the legs and can be done anywhere, even at work!

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