yoga for swadhishthan chakra

Yoga for second Chakra

With the help of yoga poses you can stimulate your different chakras and bring the energy of that chakra to flow in your body.

The second chakra, the Swadhishthan Chakra, is located on the genitals. All our feelings are associated with this chakra and our sexuality is one of the main themes of the sacral chakra. It is about dealing with duality and being in contact with another person or your partner.

Stimulating your second chakra with the yoga postures below can have many postivie effects. The yoga postures can help frigidity as well as they can make your sexually more active. The main work however is that they help you to feel your own feelings. When the energy of the second chakra gets stronger you will feel better what exactly you want in life and fear will leave your life as you now know what you want. The postures physically help you with problems of the reproductive system.

Practice yoga for the second chakra with the exercises below and you will see soon how they bring you into balance.

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Ananda Balasana - Happy Bab...

Feel just like a baby in this pose and enjoy lying, rolling and feeling the body. It is beneficial against depression, stress and tension and als...

Ardha Bhekasana - Half Frog...

A variation of Bhujangasana with its own special benefits. Stretches legs and arms and stimulates your digestive system at the same time. If you ...

Baddha Konasana - Bound Ang...

A very beneficial pose for women in pregnancy or menopause or with menstrual irregularities or pain. Also good for men’s prostate glands and in...

Gorakshasana - Cowherd

The Cowherd Pose may be difficult but when mastered helps enourmously to keep the spine straight. Master this pose and stimulate your second chak...

Gulf Kurparasana

Gain flexibility for your sides and stimulate your sexual chakra. An exercise that feels whenever you like to stretch.

Hanumanasana - Monkey Pose

Want to be flexible like a monkey? At the same time get strength and beauty? Believe it or not, this posture helps!

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