yoga for vishuddhi chakra

Yoga for fifth Chakra

Doing yoga is not only beneficial for your body, it has a great effect on your energy system, too. With yoga asanas you can stimulate each of the seven chakras of your body. Feel the difference by doing yoga daily for another chakra.

The fifth chakra, called Vishuddhi Chakra, is located on the throat, it is the throat chakra. It is our communication and purification center. With this chakra you express whatever you have inside. If you have blockages in your fifth chakra you will experience that others don’t understand what you are saying because of your expression. You can help this with yoga!

Yoga helps you to learn feel your emotions and then express them openly and freely. Yoga gives you the self-confidence to say what you feel and have inside. It makes you speak freely and help others understand what you mean. A fully different feeling of life!

Physically the fifth chakra is connected with the thyroid glands, so exercises stimulating the fifth chakra are also beneficial for your thyroid gland and problems that you have with it.

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Halasana - Plow Pose

A pose that enhances sexual energy, stretches your complete back muscles, brings your blood flow back and even helps you to lose weight!

Karnapidasana - Ear Pressur...

Go further than only Sarvangasana and stimulate your ears, too, in this inverted yoga pose. It is fun and it feels good!

Matsyasana - Fish Posture

A Yoga pose which benefits your complete back until your neck, respiratory system and even your digestion.

Mrigasana - Deer Pose

Stimulate your throat chakra while having fun in this balancing pose. Strong legs are another nice side-effect of this yoga practice.

Singhasana - Lion Pose

A tricky balance exercise that is especially loved by children.

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