yoga for weight loss

Yoga for Weight Loss

yoga is one of the most effective ways to lose weight quickly without any diet or abstaining from your favourite sweets. While yoga is more than just an exercise program or gymnastics but brings peace to your mind and freedom to your soul, it also has a wonderful effect on your physical body.

The best thing is: you can do it anywhere and at any time! You do not need much of an outfit, no sports shoes and no equipment. All you need is yourself, comfortable clothes and some space with a surface on which you do not slip. And with the yoga poses that you see below you can start getting slim! You can do it thre times a week, once a day or even more often  – the more you do, the quicker you will feel and see a difference!

Get Rid of Obesity and overweight – Forget Competition and Comparison!

Many people who are overweight again and again tell themselves that they will do something about it. ‘I will join a gym’, ‘I will go running’ and other, similar resolutions are made and then quickly forgotten. What remains is a bad conscience and the extra fat. The scales will not change in this way and you will just remain unhappy with your weight in this way.

One reason why it is so difficult to pull oneself together is often a fear of competition and comparison with slim and sporty people exercising in the same gym or running in the same park. Another reason is the thought that it will never make a difference, that you cannot do anything about your weight and will not be able to run or do sports.

If you have ever had these thoughts, yoga is the right sport for you! You can do it just on your own or with a friend if you like and feel comfortable. You determine your limits yourself and it is effective without exhausting you. You will soon see results of losing fat and your shape and figure will change.

Burn Extra Fat from Hip, Thighs, Belly or Arms

Nearly every woman and man has one part of his body that he wants to bring into shape, where there is some extra fat, a little bit or a little bit more weight than you would like to have. Yoga exercise can help you reducing your overall weight or you can trim exactly those parts of you. In the descriptions of the yoga positions below you will get to know which body parts the exercises focus on.

There are exercises that burn extra fat from your hips, yoga poses that shape your thighs, yoga postures that make your belly slim and asanas that strengthen your arms so that you will see muscles soon instead of flesh and loose skin. Wherever you want to concentrate on, you have the choice! You can also put together your own training sequence for trimming your whole body.

A Different Awareness of Life

Yoga is more than only exercise and this is how you will soon feel that you get a different attitude and awareness not only of your body. You feel the change of your muscles and feel that you lose fat and at the same time you feel lighter in your heart. Of course you have the joy and pride of having reduced weight and additionally feel happier, more balanced with your emotions and more at peace with your surroundings.

Yoga for weight loss retreats in India

If you cannot muster the discipline yourself or would simply rather practice yoga under the guidance of a personal teacher, we have Yoga retreat offers at the Ashram in India for you that will help you get in shape and feel well! If you want a whole program with Ayurvedic diet, massages, yoga and daily walks, you can join our Yoga and Ayurveda Weight Loss Retreat. For simply two hours of yoga per day, focusing on shaping and toning the body, you can join the Yoga Retreat for Weight Loss.

Yoga changes lives – try it and be light!

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Agnisara Kriya

Successfully burn your belly fat, tone your abdomen and additionally give a nice massage to your intestines that stimulates your digestion.

Apana Asana

A pose that truly stimulates the Manipoor Chakra and creates a fire that lets you be energetic and helps you lose weight!

Ardha Chakrasana - Half Whe...

Beneficial posture for women and against gynecological problems but also helping against asthma, digestion problems and extra belly fat.

Ardha Shalabhasana - Half L...

Do the half locust not only if you practice for the full one but also to reduce extra thigh fat, to make your digestive system work properly agai...

Eka Pada Paschimottanasana

Lose belly fat, increase digestion, stimulate the third chakra and much more. A Yoga pose with a big positive impact on the body!

Gulf Chalan - Ankle Movemen...

A simple move of your ankles that is very effective! Reduces thigh fat, strengthens the legs and can be done anywhere, even at work!

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