yoga in bed

Yoga in Bed

strength even when Bedridden

A new idea of awareness has reached also hospitals and rehabilitation centers now and they realized that for those who are bedridden and even for handicapped, yoga in bed is a very effective way of staying strong and keeping the muscles active.

What does your body do if you only lie around in bed the whole day? The muscles retreat, atrophy of muscles starts and quickly proceeds so that after only one week lying in bed, you will have difficulties walking your first steps again. What can you do about it? Do yoga in bed! The yoga postures collected and displayed below help you to activate your muscles and prevent atrophy as much as possible.

Of course you know best which parts of your body you can, in your present situation, bend or lift and with the help of your doctor or physiotherapist you can use the yoga positions below several times during the day.

Yoga for Lazy Bones

Of course yoga in bed is not only for the bedridden or handicapped but can be practiced by anybody who would like to do yoga in another way than on the yoga mat. If you feel a bit lazy today and would like to lie around, you can do some of the lying yoga postures mentioned below in order to move at least a bit. If you forgot your exercise during the day and just remember it when you are already in bed, you can do yoga in bed just before sleeping.

Do yoga in the morning before even getting up or in the evening in your pajamas when already in bed.

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Strengthening the body – and losing some weight and belly fat on the way!

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Make your digestion work, make your shoulders and upper body flexible and at the same time make your belly slim. Doesn’t it sound great?

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