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On this page you will find information and links to our different yoga offers both at the Ashram in India and in different parts of the world. Explore, read and if you have any questions or are interested in any program, you can always write us to!

Yoga at the Ashram in India

Are you planning your journey to India and would like to include an authentic experience of yoga into your holiday? It doesn’t matter if you were looking for a yoga Ashram online and found this page or if you first found our Ashram and then decided to do some physical yoga in India as well – here you find our selection of yoga themes from which you can choose whenever you are making plans to come to the Ashram.

We don’t have any ongoing and regular yoga classes but every visitor has the possibility to choose a retreat which includes accommodation at the Ashram, Ayurvedic food and program including Ayurveda or Yoga. The following retreats are our yoga retreats which means that you will receive two hours of yoga every day. While most of our retreats have specific dates, you can book these yoga retreats at any time of the year:

Yoga for Beginners

A Yoga Retreat for those who have little to no experience of yoga at all: Details for the Beginners Yoga Retreat in India

Yoga for Shoulders, Neck and Back

Tension in the neck? Want to move even with slip disk problems? This could be the right retreat for you: Back, Shoulders and Neck Yoga Retreat

Yoga for Weight Loss

Shed some pounds while on your holiday in India and learn yoga poses for your workout at home at this Yoga Retreat for Weight Loss

Yoga for Yoga Teachers and Advanced Practitioners

You have been doing yoga for years but want to go deeper? Or maybe you are teaching yourself and want to go more advanced? In this Yoga Retreat for Yoga Teachers and Advanced Practitioners, Yashendu will help you go further than you thought is possible!

Yoga for You

If all you want is just some individual attention on exactly those points that you are struggling or have issues with, you can come for this personalized Yoga for You Retreat.

All of the above retreats include accommodation at the Ashram as well as two hours of yoga a day. You can choose whether you would like to book with meals or without and then the variety of offers at Ammaji’s Ayurvedic Restaurant. You can choose in between North Indian, South Indian, Chinese and Continental items – and we have lots of organic, vegan and gluten-free options, too! Participants receive a special discount of 10% on any item of the menu card!

Yoga Workshops around the World

On his journeys throughout the world, Yashendu gives Yoga Workshops on different topics:

  • Yoga For Weight Loss.
  • Yoga For Back Pain.
  • Yoga For Balancing Sexual Energy.
  • Yoga For The Respiratory System.
  • Yoga For Stress.
  • Yoga For Mental Health.
  • Yoga For The Digestive System.
  • Yoga For Women’s Health Issues.
  • Yoga For Eye, Neck and Shoulder.

In his yoga workshops Yashendu takes care to meet the fitness level of the group and also offers variations so that beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners can enjoy and take the best out of it. He also offers Yoga workshops for yoga teachers. We practice Yoga in its ancient and original form respecting its ancient theories and principles, with no certain brand or style, just yoga. If you wish to organize a yoga workshop in your yoga centre or for yoga interested people in your town, you are also welcome to suggest another subject.

Would you like to organize Yoga Workshops yourself?

Private Yoga Lessons


When travelling, Yashendu also gives individual yoga classes to students as well as yoga teachers who would like to understand a certain part of yoga better or would like to strengthen particularly their weak points of practice. Individual attention on precisely those points where you can improve your yoga poses, where you can go deeper into the yoga posture and where you can have the better effect of the Asana that you are doing. An individual class is perfect for those who feel that a workshop does not focus enough on their personal needs.

Private yoga classes can be scheduled with the organizers of all places where Yashendu gives program. For the contact details for your town, please check the schedule.

Of course Yashendu also offers private yoga lessons at the Ashram in Vrindavan whenever he is there. For scheduling sessions in India, please contact Ramona:

Yoga Online

If you don't have any plans to come and do Yoga with us at the Ashram in India and if Yashendu is nowhere near your place for you to take part in his programs, you can use our free directory of yoga poses online! There are videos, pictures and detailed descriptions of how to do the poses and what they are beneficial for:

Learn Yoga postures online

About Yoga - Unity

The Sanskrit word 'Yoga' literally translates to 'unity' and this is the essence and aim of this ancient science: uniting your soul with the one big soul which is called God, the universe and has many more names. Yoga helps you to reach this goal of being one with this energy. You get to know your body, mind and soul and thus reach a new balance in your life which is then filled with happiness and joy. Yoga has changed many lives, let it change yours, too!

Benefits of Yoga

Physical Health and Fitness through Yoga Poses

It is known as a fact that yoga strengthens the body and gives it much more flexibility. There is an enourmous variety of Asanas (different yoga positions) which stretch, bend and flex each muscle of your body and of course cover all levels of experience. It is wrong to think that you have to be flexible to do yoga - everybody can! There are yoga positions for beginners as well as for experts and there it is never the wrong time to make a beginning. You will soon feel how you get more energy, are more flexible and strong.

Yoga helps to ease pain in joints and muscles and to relief tension as well as it improves the respiratory system and support digestion and intestines. There are yoga postures for each part of the body whether it is the back, your neck, your joints, your belly or your feet. It is for the whole body. And of course you can practice yoga for weight loss with exercises concentrating especially on those areas where you feel you have extra fat. Practicing yoga is thus just wonderful for your health and fitness.

Mental and Emotional Health and Well-Being

Although Yoga is known mostly for its benefits on physical health, that is only a part of this science. Another part is the work and effect that it has on mind and emotions. The regular practice of yoga exercises, Pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation has a very relaxing and calming effect on the mind and it balances the emotions in the body as there is a time in which everything can come to peace. Meditation is additionally proven to enhance concentration and focus which helps us think faster and in more flexible ways. Yoga as a whole is considered therapeutic as it doesn't only offer treatment through exercise to the body but can also heal mental disorders and improve conditions like depression or bipolar as it gives stability and balance.

Yoga makes you aware of your body, it makes you feel it and improves your posture, your patterns of movement and along with this all also your self-esteem. It is thus help and support in everday's hectic and stress and it brings you into balance - you as a whole being.

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