Yashendu Goswami


Deep Studies of Scriptures and Science

Yashendu Goswami is Swami Balendu's younger brother.

Growing up in an Ashram he learned already as a child about Yoga, the Holy Scriptures and the classical philosophic texts. At the age of 14 he started giving lectures and thus travelling through whole India. In 1995 he started his studies of Astrology and the methods of palmistry and face-reading which are connected with astrological studies.

Helping Others - the Desire of his Heart

Together with his knowledge of scriptures and the philosophies on life, human mind and behaviour in community, he developed a big wish to let others take part in this knowledge and let them experience the benefits that he felt when implementing the knowledge into life.

The first step and one method which had never failed to help him in his progress towards love and truth was meditation. Regular intensive meditations, sometimes over several months, inspired Yashendu to share Prem Meditation, an easy practice which guides you to the love, to God and light inside you. He believes “Love is light and light is Love” and he tells people that love is the true enlightenment of life.

With his open heart and his understanding for people's different life situations, he decided to offer people to come to him for spiritual counselling.

Yoga and Ayurveda - Sciences that make a Difference

Through his studies of Ayurveda together with years of watching how the own body reacts, Yashendu gained a profound knowledge of vegetarian food and Ayurvedic diet. In his Ayurvedic Cooking Workshops you learn how to prepare delicious and healthy vegetarian food.

He did not stop with Ayurvedic food, though - Ayurveda's effect on the complete life fascinated him, he learned more and this is how he is now the coordinator for any program regarding Ayurveda at the Ashram, such as the Ayurveda Yoga Holiday or the Ayurvedic Training Course.

Yashendu Goswami has always been an excellent Yoga student. His deep love and the inspiration that he gets through Yoga give him an enormous joy that he shares in an inspiring way in his yoga workshops. To say it in his words: “Yoga is a way of living which you can accept for your life. You can live your life in the yogic way and thus accept every aspect of your life through yoga.

In order to let those feel the benefit of yoga who cannot come to his workshops, he worked with our website team to create an online Yoga directory with which you can now learn Yoga comfortably from home - with a detailed description, pictures and videos.

Of course he also gives private sessions to yoga teachers and students who want to work intensively on certain subjects or areas of their body. Please schedule private sessions with the organizers whose details who can find on the link below.

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Photos of Yashendu Goswami

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